Patios, Driveways & Walling

We design and construct patios, walling, pathways or driveways to suit your needs. We use a range of products from our suppliers.

Our Suppliers

Kilsaran Paving Products. Click here to see a range of their paving, flags and walling products

Tobermore Paving and concrete products. Click here  to see their range of landscaping products

All our suppliers offer an excellent delivery service. We can order the materials direct from our suppliers and it will be delivered to your door within 2 -3 days. We offer very competitive prices on supply only or supply and fit. 


If your patio area is level and ready for paving, please email us your patio measurements and the name of the product and supplier and we can give you a price breakdown on the materials and the labour cost. 

If your patio is not ready for paving, then please call for us to arrange a site visit by appointment. 


We will arrange a site visit to measure your driveway for paving as there is generally preparation involved in leveling the driveway prior to laying the bricks.

We also pebble driveways with decorative pebble. There is a range of pebble and colours that can be supplied from local quaries and can be purchased by the truck load.


The walling products are multi-functional. They can be used as retaining walls on a sloping site, as a feature to enhance a shrubery bed or as a seating area around a patio. The customer would need to call to arrange a site visit to measure the area and the height of the wall.